Elbe Crossing

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Transmission Tower - Special Designs
... On the Elbe Crossing 1 tower, there is a radar facility belonging to the Hamburg water and navigation office ... For crossing broad valleys, a large distance between the conductors must be maintained to avoid short-circuits caused by conductor cables colliding during storms ... For crossing wide rivers and straits with flat coastlines, very tall towers must be built due to the necessity of a large height clearance for navigation ...
Stade - Notable Places
... museum Near Stade there are the gigantic pylons of Elbe Crossing 1 and Elbe Crossing 2 ... The pylons of Elbe Crossing 2 are the tallest in Europe and the sixth-tallest in the world ...
... Hetlingen is the site of Elbe Crossing 1 and Elbe Crossing 2, two power line crossings across the river Elbe ... The pylons of Elbe Crossing 2 are the highest pylons in Europe ...

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