Elaeophora Poeli

Elaeophora poeli is a parasitic nematode found in the aorta, and sometimes the heart, of various cattle throughout Asia, and in parts of Africa. It is a large nematode, with males measuring 45–70 mm long and 200-260 µm wide, and females 40–300 mm long and 350 µm wide. Microfilariae are 340-346 µm long and 7.0-7.5 µm wide. Despite the fact that it lives in nodules (aneurysms) in the walls of the aorta and heart, apparent clinical symptoms of E. poeli infestation are seldom reported.

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Elaeophora Poeli - Clinical Significance
... Despite the presence of nodules 2-cm in diameter on aorta walls and heart tissue, and narrowing of the aorta, almost all studies of E ... poeli infestation mention a lack of obvious clinical symptoms in infested individuals ...