El Ballestero

El Ballestero is a municipality in Albacete, Castile-La Mancha, Spain 68 km to the west of Albacete.

It is a little town in the middle of La Mancha which grew up around a crossroads on the main road between Munera and Robledo.

The population census shows the town to have just over 560 inhabitants, but the actual permanent population is closer to 300 during the week since many people work away from home. In common with many of the small towns in La Mancha, El Ballestero suffered a large population drain in the middle of the last century. In the 1949 population census, El Ballestero had 1,858 inhabitants but for the next 30 years the population shrank — the peak emigration year being 1964, when over 500 left. The emigrants largely went to the big cities and to the Costas where opportunities for work had sprung up as a result of the beginning of the tourist industry. Over recent years, many of these abandoned homes have been sold to people from Madrid, Valencia and other large cities who have refurbished them as second homes.

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... a severe outbreak of plague occurred in a small village some 14 km to the South of El Ballestero called Villalgordal ... The majority came to El Ballestero and bought with them their "Virgin de la Encarnación", which is a statue of the Virgin Mary slightly smaller than life size, and placed her in the local ... and, after another meal, she is carried back to El Ballestero being met at the entrance to the town by floats depicting local life ...