Egyptian Expeditionary Force - Egyptian Expeditionary Force Order of Battle 1917 - Order of Battle October 1917

Order of Battle October 1917

XX Corps (Lieutenant General Sir R.W. Chetwode, Bart.)

10th (Irish) Division (Major General J.R. Longley)
29th Brigade
30th Brigade
31st Brigade
53rd (Welsh) Division (Major General S.F. Mott)
158th (North Wales) Brigade
159th (Cheshire) Brigade
160th (Welsh Border) Brigade
60th (2/2nd London) Division (Major General J.S.M. Shea)
179th (2/4th London) Brigade
180th (2/5th London) Brigade
181st (2/6th London) Brigade
74th (Yeomanry) Division (Major General E.S. Girdwood)
229th Brigade
230th Brigade
231st Brigade
Corps Cavalry Regiment – 1/2nd County of London Yeomanry
Corps Artillery – 96th Heavy Artillery Group

XXI Corps (Lieutenant General Sir E.S. Bulfin)

52nd (Lowland) Division (Major General J. Hill)
155th (South Scottish) Brigade
156th (Scottish Rifles) Brigade
157th (Highland Light Infantry) Brigade
54th (East Anglian) Division (Major General S.W. Hare)
161st (Essex) Brigade
162nd (East Midland) Brigade
163rd (Norfolk and Suffolk) Brigade
75th Division(Major General P.C. Palin)
232nd Brigade
233rd Brigade
234th Brigade
Corps Cavalry Regiment – Composite Yeomanry Regt.
Corps Artillery – 97th, 100th, 102nd Heavy Artillery Groups
20th Indian Brigade (Brigadier General H.D. Watson)

Desert Mounted Corps (Lieutenant General Sir H. Chauvel)

Anzac Mounted Division (Major General E.W.C. Chaytor)
1st Light Horse Brigage (Brigadier General C. F. Cox)
1st, 2nd and 3rd Australian Light Horse Regiments
2nd Light Horse Brigade (Brigadier General G. de L. Ryrie)
5th, 6th and 7th Australian Light Horse Regiments
New Zealand Mounted Rifle Brigade (Brigadier General W. Meldrum)
Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington Mounted Rifle Regiments
18th Brigade RHA (Inverness, Ayrshire and Somerset Batteries) and Divisional Ammunition Column
Australian Mounted Division (Major General Henry W. Hodgson)
3rd Light Horse Brigade (Brigadier General L. C. Wilson)
8th, 9th and 10th Australian Light Horse Regiments
4th Light Horse Brigade (Brigadier General W. Grant)
4th, 11th and 12th Australian Light Horse Regiments
5th Mounted Brigade (Brigadier General P. J. V. Kelly)
Gloucestershire Husssars, Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry Regiments
19th Brigade RHA (A and B Batteries Honourable Artillery Company and Notts Battery RHA) and Divisional Ammunition Column
Yeomanry Mounted Division (Major General G. de S. Barrow)
6th Mounted Brigade (Brigadier General C. A. C. Godwin)
Dorset, Bucks and Berks Yeomanry Regiments
8th Mounted Brigade (Brigadier General C. S. Rome)
1st City of London and 1st and 3rd County of London Yeomanry Regiments
22nd Mounted Brigade (Brigadier General P. D. FitzGerald)
Stafford, Lincoln and East Riding Yeomanry Regiments
20th Brigade RHA (Berks, Hants and Leicester Battries) and Divisional Ammunition Column
Corps Reserve
7th Mounted Brigade (Brigadier General J. T. Wigan)
Sherwood Rangers, South Notts and Herts Yeomanry Regiments with Essex Battery RHA and Brigade Ammunition Column
Imperial Camel Corps Brigade (Brigadier General S. Smith)
2nd (British) Battalion
3rd (Australian) Battalion
4th (ANZAC) Battalion
Hong Kong and Singapore Mountain Battery RGA.

Palestine Brigade (composite Royal Flying Corps RFC and Australian Flying Corps (AFC) operational from 27 October to 7 November 1917)

5th Corps Wing at Deir el Belah
No. 14 Squadron RFC at Deir el Belah and allotted to XXI Corps
No. 13 Squadron RFC at Sheikh Nuran (2 flights allotted to XX Corps; 1 flight to Desert Mounted Corps)
No. 21 Kite Balloon Company consisting of –
No. 49 Kite Balloon Section at Sheikh Shabasi
No. 50 Kite Balloon Section at Wadi Ghuzze.
40th Wing Headquarters at Deir el Belah
No. 11 Squadron RFC at Deir el Belah
No. 67 Squadron (No. 1 Squadron Australian Flying Corps) at Shiekh Nuran
A special squadron was formed from the 20th Training Wing at Aboukir on 24 October for duty at Nuran under the direct orders of the Palestine Brigade for operations consisting of bombing raids on enemy camps, dumps, trench works and battery positions.
Aircraft Park – "X" Aircraft Park at Abbassia with an advanced stores section at Kantara was responsible for the supplies to the RFC in Palestine.

At the end of 1917 or during the summer of 1918 the Palestine Brigade RAF was reorganised

5th (Corps Wing
No. 14 Squadron RAF
No. 113 Squadron RAF
No. 142 Squadron RAF
40th (Army Wing
No. 111 Squadron RAF
No. 144 Squadron RAF
No. 145 Squadron RAF
No. 1 Squadron AFC
No. 21 Balloon Company
Nos 49, 50, 57 Balloon Section

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