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Shortly after the military coup of 1976 -which overthrew the reckless government of Isabel Perón - Montes-Bradley migrated to the United States taking up residence in New York City. In the late seventies he worked as a correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter and El Heraldo del Cine, a Buenos Aires based trade publications in catering the film industry. His first contribution to film can be traced to Margareta Vinterheden's Man maste ju leva, Sweden, 1978. During the same period (late seventies - early eighties) Montes-Bradley worked as editor and assistant editor in a handful of documentaries focusing on Central America: The Nicaraguan and Salvadorean civil wars. In 1984, after the fallout of his first marriage, Montes-Bradley moved to California as publisher/editor of The Entertainment Herald, a bilingual trade magazine on film. The Entertainment Herald was financially supported with advertising from independent production and distribution companies, mostly founding members of the recently founded American Film Marketing Association (AFMA). Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, owners of Cannon Films, were amongst the largest contributors to The Entertainment Herald which finally ceased to exist two years after its foundation. By 1986, EM-B was working as a Director of International Sales for Filmtrust Motion Pictures, a production and distribution company based in Los Angeles, California. Filmtrust was owned by producers Marco Colombo and Christian Halsey-Solomon. In 1989 Montes-Bradley teamed-up with Spanish producer Javier Gracia to write, produce, and direct Double Obsession, a straight-to-video thriller released worldwide by Columbia Tri-Star. In 1995 Montes-Bradley married Argentine actress Sandra Ballesteros, leading-lady in The Kid Napping, E-MB's third and last known fiction flick. Montes-Bradley has produced written and directed biographical documentaries, many under pseudonym inspired on fictitious characters such as Diana Hunter, the blind director-lady who "one day went deep into to the forest and was forever lost" or Rita Clavel. The actual number of pen names used by Montes-Bradley is uncertain, although a constant in his work as a filmmaker and a writer. He's married to producer Soledad Liendo, they have two children.

Docs are safer than fiction, the chances I'll end up married to the lead-actress are very slim considering most of my subjects on my documentaries are either dead or about to join St. Peter.

—EM-B, "On Marriage and Film", Toulouse, 2005.

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