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Edith Bülbring was born in Bonn on 27 December 1903 to Hortense Leonore Bülbring (née Kann; 1868–1938), the Dutch daughter of a Jewish banker from The Hague, and Dr. Karl Bülbring, a German Professor of English at the University of Bonn (1863–1917). Although her mother came from a Jewish background, Edith was Protestant, as was her father. She was the youngest of four children. At the age of six, Edith began to learn the piano and she appeared to be very talented. Although she became a proficient piano player, she decided to study medicine instead of music, a fact that surprised her teacher as Edith had shown real talent.

In 1917 her family suffered from the sudden death of her father, which was caused by an accidental fall on an icy road while walking with Edith near their home. Family finances declined after her father’s death. Hans, her brother, died in action against the British a year later, in 1918.

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