EBAN is the independent and non-profit European Trade Association for angel investors, Seed Funds, and other Early Stage Market Players.

EBAN was established under the auspices of the European Commission in 1999 by a group of early business angel networks in Europe and EURADA (the European Association of Development Agencies).

Its charter is to represent the early stage investment market in Europe; carry out research on the angel market and produce facts and trends; identify and share best practices in the early stage funding industry; promote the role and visibility of business angel networks and early stage funds in Europe; promote synergies and networking opportunities among various players in the industry; support the emergence of professional structures and quality standards across Europe; and support the internationalization of the angel and early stage industry and movement.

Members include individual business angel networks from European countries, regional and national federations of business angels networks, business angel networks with international focuses, early stage venture capital funds and other entities involved in promoting the early stage investment market in Europe. Together with its North American counterpart, ACA, it was a founding member of WBAA, the World Business Angels Association.

Each year EBAN holds a pan-European Congress in a different European city. The edition of 2012 will be held in Moscow (23-24 April), Russia.

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