Easton and Amboy Railroad

Easton and Amboy Railroad was a railroad built across central New Jersey by the Lehigh Valley Railroad in the 1870s. The line was built to connect the Lehigh Valley Railroad coal hauling operations in Pennsylvania to consumer markets in New York City.

The Lehigh Valley Railroad brought the charter to the Perth Amboy and Bound Brook Railroad and also formed a new railroad company, the Bound Brook and Easton Railroad, to run across Western New Jersey from Phillipsburg to Bound Brook. These two railroads were combined under the name "Easton and Amboy Railroad".

Construction commenced in 1872 and was completed in 1875; the delay was largely due to difficulties with the 4,893 foot tunnel under Musconetcong Mountain. At Perth Amboy, a large coal dock was constructed to allow the coal to transport into New York City. These tracks were laid and started hauling coal in 1875.

Passenger traffic connected with the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) at Metuchen and continued to the PRR station in Jersey City. That connection was discontinued in 1891 after the LVRR established its own route to Jersey City from South Plainfield.

Eventually, the Easton and Amboy Railroad was absorbed into the parent Lehigh Valley Railroad and it was used as a connection to the New York area, with a terminus in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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