Eastman Gang

The Eastman Gang was the last of New York's street gangs which dominated the city's underworld during the late 1890s until early 1910s. Along with the Five Points Gang under Paul Kelly, the Eastmans succeeded the long dominant Whyos as the first non-Irish street gang to gain prominence in the underworld during the 1890s, and marked the beginning of a thirty to forty-year period of Jewish-American influence within organized crime in New York City.

Under the leadership of Monk Eastman, a well known bouncer and hired thug, the Eastmans would spend the next decade establishing a criminal empire in Manhattan's Lower East Side through criminal activities, including prostitution and illegal gambling, specifically operating stuss games, as well as later establishing political connections through Tammany Hall.

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List Of Identities In The Gangs Of New York (book) - Gang Members - Eastman Gang
... Name Portrait Life Comments Monk Eastman 1880–1920 One of the last great gang chieftains who founded the Eastman Gang and feuded with Paul Kelly and the Five Points Gang over control of New ... Jack Zelig 1882–1912 A longtime member of the Eastmans, "Big Jack" Zelig took over the gang following the death of Kid Twist and was perhaps its last powerful leader prior to his ... Red Phil Davidson 1882–? A criminal associate of the Five Points Gang who was supposedly involved with its leader Jack Sirocco to murder Jack Zelig the day before ...
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... "Big" Jack Zelig took over what remained of the Eastmans ... Dividing the gang into three separate factions, with the other two operating as satellite gangs under saloonkeepers Jack Sirocco and Chick Tricker, the two. 1911, both Sirocco and Tricker would assume control of what was left of the Eastmans after Zelig was killed by "Red" Phil Davidson shortly before his testimony against Charles Becker on ...

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