Earth Star Voyager

Earth Star Voyager is the name of a science fiction television movie shown on the Wonderful World of Disney in 1988. The show aired as a two-part pilot, but was never picked up for a series and has not been released on DVD, although a fan base for the pilot has grown over the years.

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Earth Star Voyager - Additional Information
... The production was shot entirely in Vancouver Canada and partially filmed inside The Soviet Pavilion built for Expo '86 ... While significant numbers of notes from fans since 2002 (and many more showing up as early as 1996), from various fan sites, show up constantly and ask why this show has not been released...Disney has not responded giving the impression it will not release the show, in a digital format, to the public. ...
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    What I like, or one of the things I like, about motoring is the sense it gives one of lighting accidentally, like a voyager who touches another planet with the tip of his toe, upon scenes which would have gone on, have always gone on, will go on, unrecorded, save for this chance glimpse. Then it seems to me I am allowed to see the heart of the world uncovered for a moment.
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