Earth (Foundation Universe) - History - Ancient (before 2065)

Ancient (before 2065)

  • 1982: Susan Calvin born. Lawrence Robertson forms United States Robots & Mechanical Men, Incorporated.
  • 1996: 'Robbie' manufactured by United States Robots.
  • 1998: Lefebre-Yoshida expedition to Mars takes off from Lunar Base.
  • 1998: New York passes ordinance keeping all robots off the streets between sunset and sunrise.
  • 2003-2007: Most world governments ban robot use on Earth other than scientific research.
  • 2005: Fatal First Mercury Expedition launched.
  • 2008: Susan Calvin obtains Doctorate and joins United States Robots as robopsychologist.
  • 2015: Second Mercury Expedition financed by United States Robots and by Solar Minerals.
  • 2029: Hyper Base closed for a period of two weeks after the loss of an NS robot. First interstellar jump by Gregory Powell and Michael Donovan under the control of "The Brain".
  • ????: Unsuccessful demonstration of the hyperspatial jump on H937.
  • 2031: First practical hyperatomic motor produced.
  • 2037: Stephen Byerley becomes Regional Co-ordinator for the Northern Region.
  • 2044: The Regions of Earth form a Federation and appoint Stephen Byerley as its first World Co-ordinator.
  • 2048: Stephen Byerley elected for a second term as World Co-ordinator.
  • 2052: Earth population at 3.3 billion.
  • 2064: Susan Calvin dies.

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