Early History of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football

Early History Of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football

The University of Minnesota's college football program has a long history including national championships, conference titles, and many legendary All-American and Hall of Fame players and coaches. However, its beginnings were humble. Students began gathering to play the game recreationally and its popularity grew.

Once the sport had taken off, it was only a matter of time before a team was formed to play against other schools. Early teams were very loosely organized, not requiring all of the players to be students and not having designated coaches. The players on the team started to recruit faculty members who had played football at schools in the East to help organize the team. Some years, they played without a coach. Other years, they played with multiple coaches. In total, from 1882 through 1899, the team played 16 seasons of football and had 15 different coaches. As the years went by, the leadership structure started to become more formal. In 1900, the hiring of Dr. Henry L. Williams, the school’s first full-time salaried coach, signaled the end of the early, chaotic days.

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Early History Of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football - William C. Leary and John Harrison - 1899 Season
... 1899 Minnesota Golden Gophers football Conference Big Ten Conference 1899 record 6–3–2 (0–3 Big Ten) Head coach William C ... Leary and John Harrison Seasons « 1900 ... » 1899 Western Conference football standings Conf Overall Team W L T W L T Chicago 4 – 0 – 16 ... – 0 – 2 Wisconsin 4 – 1 – 9 ... – 2 – 0 ... This season's 0-3 record left Minnesota in a last place tie with Illinois ...

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