Earl of Dundee - Royal Standard Bearer of Scotland (1107)

Royal Standard Bearer of Scotland (1107)

In 1107 Sir Alexander Schyrmeschur was given the hereditary honor of carrying the Royal Standard. In 1676, Charles II granted Charles Maitland, Lord Haltoun "the office of bearing our insignia within our said realm of Scotland" by a charter of novodamus. After Lauderdale's death in 1691, the office of Standard-Bearer was not claimed by anyone until 1820, when Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn claimed the right to act as such an officer at the coronation of George IV. The Privy Council did not grant Scrymgeour-Wedderburn the authority to appear at the coronation (which was granted to the 8th Earl of Lauderdale). However, it did confirm his possession of the office of Standard-Bearer (which he exercised at Holyrood House in 1822). This was successfully confirmed by Henry Scrymgeour, de jure 10th Earl of Dundee, in 1902. In 1952, the Lord Lyon advised that the Earl of Lauderdale's right was to bear the saltire as the Bearer of the National Flag of Scotland, whereas the Earl of Dundee bears the lion rampant as the Bearer of the Royal Banner.

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