Dynasty Mode

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Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano - Gameplay - General Gameplay
... Like many racing games, the game has a quick race mode and a career mode (called dynasty mode) ... The initial choices of cars and tracks in quick race mode are very limited additional choices are unlocked by progress in dynasty mode ... Initially, dynasty mode has a limited number of events available to enter ...
MVP Baseball 2005 - Franchise Modes - Dynasty Mode
... Dynasty Mode lets gamers draft and manage a team for up to 120 full seasons, including spring training games ... chemistry, rivalries, and player moods are also variables in the dynasty mode that can be strengthened or weakened by win/loss records, player salaries, playing time, and position in the batting order or pitching ... The dynasty mode in MVP Baseball 2004 had a bug that made it impossible for computer-generated players to evolve into A-list superstars unless the players actually played 95% of the team's ...
NBA Live 06 - Dynasty Mode
... In Dynasty Mode, the game player chooses one team (excluding the All-Star Teams) and runs a dynasty which overlaps many seasons ... Dynasty Mode contains an All-Star weekend, except the players or rosters are according to the Dynasty Season ...

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