Dynamic Tonality - Dynamic Timbre

Dynamic Timbre

One solution to the problem of temperament is to temper a timbre's partials to align with a tempered tuning's notes. The laws of physics make it difficult for acoustic instruments to temper their partials in real time, but acoustically-produced timbres can be tempered electronically in real time, and electronic music synthesis can be used to generate tempered timbres in real time, too.

The tempering of timbres to match tunings can be seen as a generalization of the relationship between Just Intonation and the Harmonic Series—the relationship from which all of tonality arguably springs—to a much wider range of 'pseudo-tonal' tunings and their related 'pseudo-harmonic' timbres. As such, it can be seen as a general solution to the problem of temperament, at least for music that is produced or processed electronically.

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