Dynamic Contrast

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Display Contrast - Dynamic Contrast
... This is a technique for expanding the contrast of LCD-screens ... In order to increase the contrast of such LCD-screens the backlight can be (globally) dimmed when the image to be displayed is dark (i.e ... In such a way the dark regions in dark images can be improved and the contrast between subsequent frames can be substantially increased ...
Contrast Ratio - Dynamic Contrast (DC)
... A notable recent development in the LCD technology is "dynamic contrast" (DC), also called "advanced contrast ratio" (ACR) and various other designations ... When there is a need to display a dark image, a display that supports dynamic contrast underpowers the backlight lamp (or decreases the aperture of the projector's lens using an iris), but ... It is also common to market only the dynamic contrast ratio capability of a display (when it is better than its static contrast ratio only on paper), which should not be directly compared to ...

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