Dust Reduction System

A dust reduction system, or dust removal system, is used in several makes of digital cameras to remove dust from the image sensor. Every time lenses are changed, dust may enter the camera body and settle on the image sensor.

DSLRs are particularly vulnerable to this issue, since the interior of the camera is exposed during lens changes unlike other forms of digital cameras, and the image sensor is fixed, unlike a film camera. Even the tiniest (micrometre-size) dust particles or other contaminants that settle on the face of the image sensor (individual pixels of which have dimensions on the order of ~5 micrometres) may cast shadows and thus become visible in the final image as more or less diffuse grey blobs, depending on aperture.

Dust may be generated by internal moving parts or may be moved by air currents within the camera. Some systems remove or clean the sensor by vibrating at a very high frequency—between 100hertz and 50kilohertz.

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History of Dust Reduction Systems
... Olympus was the first to include a dust reduction system on a DSLR, featuring their "Supersonic Wave Filter" (SSWF) dust reduction technology on the Olympus E-1 in 2003 ... All Olympus DSLRs with removable lenses have included this system, as have Panasonic's and Leica's DSLRs both companies use Olympus technology ... the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) in 2010 for its invention of automatic dust reduction for digital cameras ...

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