Dust Reduction

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Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera - Features Commonly Seen in DSLR Designs - Dust Reduction Systems
... lenses on a DSLR results in the possibility of dust entering the camera body and adhering to the image sensor ... A method to prevent dust entering the chamber, by using a "dust cover" filter right behind the lens mount, was pioneered by Sigma in their first DSLR, the Sigma SD9, in 2002 ... Other DSLR manufacturers followed suit, and dust reduction systems are becoming common in DSLRs ...
History of Dust Reduction Systems
... Olympus was the first to include a dust reduction system on a DSLR, featuring their "Supersonic Wave Filter" (SSWF) dust reduction technology on the ... and Innovation (JIII) in 2010 for its invention of automatic dust reduction for digital cameras ... The area between the filter and the sensor is sealed, so no dust can enter ...

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