Duleep Singh of The Sikh Empire - Family - Possible Descendant

Possible Descendant

It has been claimed that Dalip Singh may be the great-great-grandfather of Bob Goddard, a British debt collector for Halifax. Genetic evidence suggests that Goddard has an unusual combination of minor blood groups that is rare among the white British population but common among Asians. The genealogical history of Goddard's family suggests his grandfather, Charlie Goddard, was born in 1888 as the illegitimate child of an English maid serving at Breckles Hall in Norfolk. It was rumoured that the father may have been an Indian prince, believed to be Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, who was a resident at Breckles Hall when Charlie was born. Further speculation suggests that Duleep Singh's descendants include George Herbert, 8th Earl of Carnarvon, whose grandfather may have been Prince Victor Duleep Singh. There is also a report of a family that resides in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada who are descendants of the Maharajas. This Punjabi/ Sikh family is believed to be one of the first Sikh settlers in Britain with roots in the Dunoon, Glasgow and Perthshire regions of Scotland.

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