Duke of Denver - The Second Creation

The Second Creation

The 12th Duke of Denver died in 1817 without children, or siblings, and with him the male line from the first Earl of Denver died out. As a result, his higher titles became extinct; and the Barony of Wimsey went into abeyance between his aunts, as daughters of the 10th Duke.

If Colonel George Wimsey had not died at the Battle of Waterloo, he would have succeeded, as the only other descendant in the male line of the Earls and Dukes of Denver. (Younger Wimsey sons led adventurous lives; and the practice of having one Wimsey on each side of a civil war kept the property together, but took a high toll in deaths, attainders, and executions.) Colonel Wimsey left an only daughter, Grace, who married a Charles Wimsey from another branch of the family; he was descended from the Barons Wimsey, and also from a daughter of the 6th Duke.

Neither of them inherited any titles, but the 12th Duke arranged for them to inherit the lands. In recognition of this, and the multiple family connexion, Charles Wimsey was created, in 1820, Viscount St. George, Earl and Duke of Denver. Although strictly first Duke of the new creation, he is almost always called (as in the case of Lord De La Warr) 13th Duke of Denver, since the title was recreated promptly in the same family.

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