Duct Ectasia of Breast

Duct Ectasia Of Breast

Duct ectasia of the breast or (mammary duct ectasia) or (Plasma cell mastitis) is a condition in which the lactiferous duct becomes blocked or clogged. Mammary duct ectasia can mimic breast cancer. It is a disorder of post-menopausal age.

Duct ectasia syndrome is a synonym for nonpuerperal mastitis but the term has also been occasionally used to describe special cases of fibrocystic diseases, mastalgia or as a wastebasket definition of benign breast disease.

Correlation of duct widening with the "classical" symptoms of duct ectasia syndrome is unclear. However, duct widening was recently very strongly correlated with noncyclic breast pain.

Duct diameter is naturally variable, subject to hormonal interactions. Duct ectasia syndrome in the classical meaning is associated with additional histological changes.

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