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Jayadevan's System - Comparison With The Duckworth-Lewis Method
... Both the Duckworth-Lewis method and the Jayadevan System use a statistical method to determine what proportion of a team's runs it is expected to have scored, based ... The mathematical relationship used in the Duckworth Lewis system assumes that a team's scoring rate accelerates throughout the team's innings – slowly at first, but more rapidly during the final ten to ... Jayadevan's relationship is more empirical than Duckworth-Lewis', and assumes that the scoring rate is faster during the first fifteen to twenty overs during fielding restrictions, decelerates ...
Jayadevan's System - Use in National and International Cricket
... The Duckworth-Lewis system was used in the third season and the fourth season of the league ... The ICC still uses the Duckworth Lewis method in all international matches ... system has been put before the ICC in the past, but the decision was made to retain the Duckworth-Lewis method ...

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