Dual Analog Controller

The PlayStation Dual Analog Controller (SCPH-1150 in Japan, SCPH-1180 in the United States and SCPH-1180e in Europe) was Sony's first attempt at a handheld analog controller for the PlayStation, and the predecessor to the DualShock. Their first official analog controller was the PlayStation Analog Joystick (SCPH-1110).

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PlayStation - Controllers - DualShock Series and Sixaxis
... Released in 1998, the DualShock controller for the PlayStation succeeded its predecessor, the Dual Analog, and would go on to become the longest running series of controllers for the PlayStation brand ... In addition to the inputs of the original, digital, controller (, L1, L2, R1, R2, Start, Select and a D-pad), the DualShock featured two analog sticks in a similar fashion to the previous Dual ... The DualShock series consists of three controllers the DualShock which was the fourth controller released for the PlayStation the DualShock 2, the only standard controller released of the PlayStation 2, and the ...
... DualShock Original grey version of the DualShock controller Manufacturer Sony Computer Entertainment Type Video game controller Generation Fifth generation era Retail availability November 20 ... The controller's name derives from its use of two (dual) vibration motors (shock) ... These motors are housed within the handles of the controller, with the left one being larger and more powerful than the one on the right, so as to allow for ...
Dual Analog Controller - Differences From DualShock
... The Dual Analog controller features several aspects that remain exclusive to it, and were scrapped or redesigned for the release of the DualShock controller ... The European and American versions of the controller does however include circuitry and mounts for a rumble motor, a possible leftover from the Japanese version of the controller, and ... less than their overseas counterpart, and fall somewhere between the weights of the standard controller and the DualShock ...

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