Drogue Parachute

A drogue parachute is a parachute designed to be deployed from a rapidly moving object in order to slow the object, or to provide control and stability, or as a pilot parachute to deploy a larger parachute. It was invented by Giovanni Agusta in 1911.

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Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster - Function - Descent and Recovery
... and once back in the atmosphere are slowed by a parachute system to prevent damage on ocean impact ... nose cap thrusters (for deploying the pilot and drogue parachutes), the frustum ring detonator (for main parachute deployment), and the main parachute ... This ejects the nose cap, which deploys the pilot parachute ...
Drogue Parachute - Use - Stability
... Drogue parachutes may also be used to help stabilise direction of something in flight, such as a thrown RKG-3 anti-tank grenade ... Some escape capsules used by supersonic aircraft deploy drogue parachutes to stabilise and slow down, allowing either a main chute to be deployed or the pilot to exit the capsule and use ...

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