Driven Flows

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Dimensionless Quantity - List of Dimensionless Quantities
... activation energy to thermal energy Atomic weight M chemistry Bagnold number Ba flow of bulk solids such as grain and sand ... Blowdown circulation number BC deviation from isothermal flow in blowdown (rapid depressurization) of a pressure vessel Bejan number Be the ratio ... B relative importance of inertia compared to viscous forces in fluid flow through porous media Bodenstein number Bo residence-time distribution Bond number Bo capillary ...
STS-50 - Mission Highlights - Spacelab Experiments
... will gain insight into correlations between fluid flows during solidification and the defects in a crystal ... The Surface Tension Driven Convection Experiment (STDCE) was the first space experiment to use state- of-the-art instruments to obtain quantitative data on ... Very slight surface temperature differences are sufficient to generate subtle fluid flows on the surface of liquids ...

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    No country is so peaceful as the one that leads into death. Life arches above one’s head like a bridgespan, and below it flows the water, carries the boat, takes it further.
    Alfred Döblin (1878–1957)

    In a world which furnishes so many employments which are useful, and so many which are amusing, it is our own fault if we ever know what ennui [boredom] is, or if we are ever driven to the miserable resource of gaming, which corrupts our dispositions, and teaches us a habit of hostility against all mankind.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)