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River Head, Driffield 54°00′05″N 0°25′58″W / 54.0014°N 0.4328°W / 54.0014; -0.4328 (River Head, Driffield) TA028572 10.7 (17.1)
Town Lock 53°59′52″N 0°25′44″W / 53.9979°N 0.4290°W / 53.9979; -0.4290 (Town Lock) TA030569 10.4 (16.6)
Whinhill Lock 53°59′50″N 0°23′55″W / 53.9972°N 0.3987°W / 53.9972; -0.3987 (Whinhill Lock) TA050568 9.0 (14.4)
Wansford Lock 53°59′28″N 0°22′53″W / 53.9910°N 0.3814°W / 53.9910; -0.3814 (Wansford Lock) TA062562 8.3 (13.1)
Wansford Bridge 53°59′24″N 0°22′42″W / 53.9900°N 0.3784°W / 53.9900; -0.3784 (Wansford Bridge) TA064561 8.1 (13.1)
Snakeholme Lock 53°59′06″N 0°22′24″W / 53.9849°N 0.3733°W / 53.9849; -0.3733 (Snakeholme Lock) TA067555 7.7 (12.3)
Brigham Bridge 53°58′06″N 0°21′38″W / 53.9682°N 0.3606°W / 53.9682; -0.3606 (Brigham Bridge) TA076537 6.5 (10.4)
Fisholme (jn with Frodingham Beck) 53°57′35″N 0°21′05″W / 53.9596°N 0.3515°W / 53.9596; -0.3515 (Fisholme (jn with Frodingham Beck)) TA082527 5.7 (9.2)
Emmotland (jn with West Beck) 53°57′03″N 0°21′08″W / 53.9509°N 0.3522°W / 53.9509; -0.3522 (Emmotland (jn with West Beck)) TA082517 5.0 (8.0)
Bethells Bridge 53°56′39″N 0°21′27″W / 53.9443°N 0.3575°W / 53.9443; -0.3575 (Bethells Bridge) TA079510 4.6 (7.4)
Struncheon Hill Lock 53°56′01″N 0°21′26″W / 53.9336°N 0.3572°W / 53.9336; -0.3572 (Struncheon Hill Lock) TA079498 3.8 (6.1)
Wilfholme Landing 53°54′33″N 0°23′04″W / 53.9092°N 0.3845°W / 53.9092; -0.3845 (Wilfholme Landing) TA062471 1.2 (1.9)
Aike Beck 53°53′45″N 0°23′45″W / 53.8959°N 0.3959°W / 53.8959; -0.3959 (Aike Beck) TA055456 Miles (km) from here
Leven Canal 53°53′23″N 0°23′42″W / 53.8897°N 0.3949°W / 53.8897; -0.3949 (Leven Canal) TA055449 -0.4 (-0.6)

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