Drain Mode = ON

Drain Mode = ON is one of many stopgap EP releases in between albums from Benn Jordan as The Flashbulb.

This EP is interesting for several reasons. First, along with the free, online FLY! EP, Drain Mode = ON acts as a bridge between two very different albums by The Flashbulb, M³ and These Open Fields, employing a more evolved sound and technique, at least equipment-wise, if not conceptually. Secondly, the short release is quite a bit of fun, displaying Jordan stretching out and getting more comfortable as The Flashbulb, and trying out absurd things like a joking Jazz scat singing style in Loose Jazz X, the loosely constructed ambience of My Summer Tinsle and a very unconventional use of the didgeridoo in Didj X. (This is something he would employ again in Red Extensions of Me with the track Didj Z, as well as a few other releases.)

The track Stinger has since become a live favorite for several years now.

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