Downloaded (Battlestar Galactica)

Downloaded (Battlestar Galactica)

"Downloaded" is the eighteenth episode of the second season of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series. It aired originally on the Sci Fi Channel on February 24, 2006.

The episode takes place alongside the rest of the re-imagined series, with 49,579 human survivors left in the Fleet. The episode primarily details the lives of two specific Cylon models after their apparent destruction who were declared Cylon heroes. One model is "Caprica-Six", the copy of Number Six who was responsible for disabling the Colonial defense system prior to the events of the miniseries. The other model is Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, a sleeper agent who was a member of the crew of Galactica.

The concept of a Cylon-centric episode was proposed long before the episode aired, in an episode which would have seen the Cylons discuss their equivalent of the "Final Solution". "Downloaded" instead focuses on showing the personality of the Cylon race, in particular, Caprica-Six and Boomer. The episode was universally well-received despite its unconventional format.

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Downloaded (Battlestar Galactica) - Reception
... Moore stated that Downloaded"is his favourite episode of the series,and especially admired the acting of Park,Helfer,and Callis,the latter especially for his change in role ... Without Pity gave the episode an A+ rating ... McDuffee of TV Squad commented that the episode was perfect" and made up for any issues he had about the show before the episode ...