Douglas Mc Carthy

Douglas John McCarthy (born 1 September 1966) is the vocalist of Chelmsford, Essex-based EBM band Nitzer Ebb.

Apart from writing and performing with Nitzer Ebb, McCarthy has also appeared on recordings by Recoil and has released material in collaboration with DJ Terence Fixmer as Fixmer/McCarthy. He has also contributed vocals to tracks by Die Krupps, Motor, Kloq and Client.

After Nitzer Ebb originally split, McCarthy left the music business — save for the Recoil tracks to which he contributed — and focused on film studies and design in Cambridge, England, UK. He moved to London in 2000 to work in the advertising field.

Currently performing as Douglas J. McCarthy along with Cyrus Rex and Jeff Smith. His first solo album, Kill Your Friends, was released in November 2012 on LA based label Pylon Records. The album was produced by British House DJ and producer Mark Bell.

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