Double Underhook

Some articles on double underhook, double:

Colt Cabana - In Wrestling
... Second rope fireman's carry dropped onto the top turnbuckle) Colt.45 (Double underhook Canadian backbreaker drop, sometimes from an inverted back to back double ...
Davey Richards - In Wrestling
... moves 1459 (Keylock) Cloverleaf Crucifix armbar DR Driver / Tiger Driver '98 (Double underhook piledriver, sometimes from the second rope) DR Driver II (Double underhook brainbuster) Folding powerbomb ...
Variants - Double Underhook Brainbuster
... name), this move sees a wrestler first face an opponent and apply a double underhook before then lifting the opponent upside down and falling backwards down to the mat onto his back, driving the opponent head first ... Can be confused with a double underhook pile driver, even though that move isn't used often ...

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