Double Ring Resonator

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Ring - Other Uses
... Ring (diacritic), as in "Åmål" Brass ring Cock ring Piston ring Rings (local I.B.M ... clubs) Ring of bells Ring road, a type of highway ...
Siegfried (opera)
... Siegfried is the third of the four operas that constitute Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), by Richard Wagner ... on 16 August 1876, as part of the first complete performance of The Ring ...
Pan (moon)
35 kilometres across and 23 km high that orbits within the Encke Gap in Saturn's A Ring ... Pan acts as a ring shepherd and is responsible for keeping the Encke Gap free of ring particles ...
Optical Ring Resonators - Double Ring Resonators
... In a double ring resonator, two ring waveguides are used instead of one ... When using two ring waveguides in series, the output of the double ring resonator will be in the same direction as the input (albeit with a lateral shift) ... When the input light meets the resonance condition of the first ring, it will couple into the ring and travel around inside of it ...
NGC 7742
... The galaxy is unusual in that it contains a ring but no bar ... Typically, bars are needed to produce a ring structure ... The bars' gravitational forces move gas to the ends of the bars, where it forms into the rings seen in many barred spiral galaxies ...

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    What happens is that, as with drugs, he needs a stronger shot each time, and women are just women. The consumption of one woman is the consumption of all. You can’t double the dose.
    Ian Fleming (1908–1964)

    Interpreting the dance: young women in white dancing in a ring can only be virgins; old women in black dancing in a ring can only be witches; but middle-aged women in colors, square dancing...?
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)