Dorsal Digital Veins of The Foot

On the dorsum of the foot the dorsal digital veins receive, in the clefts between the toes, the intercapitular veins from the plantar cutaneous venous arch and join to form short common digital veins.

This article incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy.

Veins of lower limbs (TA A12.3.11, GA 7.669)
thigh femoral · profunda femoris · popliteal
deep leg fibular · anterior tibial · posterior tibial
superficial leg small saphenous · great saphenous (external pudendal, superficial of penis ♂/clitoris ♀)
foot dorsal arch · dorsal metatarsal · dorsal digital · plantar arch · plantar metatarsal · common digital · plantar digital


anat (a:h/u/t/a/l,v:h/u/t/a/l)/phys/devp/cell/prot

noco/syva/cong/lyvd/tumr, sysi/epon, injr

proc, drug (C2s+n/3/4/5/7/8/9)

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