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In 1976, McGown met William "Bill" Beck, a representative for an office products company. They married and moved to Clear Lake City.

She met Robert Angleton, a successful bookmaker, at a bar in the Houston West Loop when she was 28 years old. According to Robert Angleton, he and Doris met because William Beck, Doris's husband, was a client of his bookmaking business. Both Robert Angleton and Doris Beck, although already married, were attracted to each other, eventually divorcing their spouses. They married in 1982. On August 1, 1984, Doris Angleton gave birth to twins, Nicole and Alessandra.

Robert Angleton earned millions of dollars a year by running a sports-betting scheme. He managed to do this by becoming a police informant and reporting his rivals to the Houston Police Department. He moved his family to the wealthy River Oaks area of Houston, Texas.

Although her friends believed that she was happy, Doris Angleton said she wanted out of her marriage when she grew tired of bookmaking. In February 1997, she went ahead with the divorce process, wanting 50% of their joint assets.

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