Dope Reach Squad

Dope Reach Squad or DRS is a Bulgarian hip-hop and reggae group. They originated as a graffiti crew in the city of Dobrich in 1998.

In 2001 they collaborated with many other artists such as Nokaut, 187 Clan, DJ Ivo Glavata, Scum, Naste, Kaska, Dani, and Juliana to produce their first album, "Urok #1" (Lesson #1). It was very well received on the Bulgarian hip-hop scene. Due to the diversity of the artists involved in its creation, the album has tracks with jamaican (Raggaskit I and II), hardcore (Nokautskit), and pop (Julianaskit) sound, apart from the traditional hip-hop sound of the group.

The constant members of the group are Ndoe and Mytag. In 1994 they formed "Amnistia" and released two albums with that group. Dope Reach Squad is their second joint project.

In 2001, DRS signed with Sniper Records, one of the two biggest Bulgarian hip-hop labels, and has been their asset since then.

Since 2002 DRS was joined by Nokaut to form DRS+, as the new project was named.

DRS+ is considered one of the most prominent representatives of Bulgarian hip-hop. They have numerous appearances all over the country and in Sofia.

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