Dongsi (simplified Chinese: 东四; traditional Chinese: 東四; pinyin: Dōngsì) literally, the "Eastern Four" or the "Eastern Quadrangle", is the name of an intersection and surrounding neighborhood in Dongcheng District, Beijing. Dongsi, at the intersection of what is now Dongsi Avenues North, South and West and Chaoyangmen Inner Street, dates to the Yuan Dynasty. The intersection is named after four paifangs or Chinese sign gates that marked the location and is known in Chinese as the Eastern Four Sign Gates or "Eastern Four" for short. Directly due west in Xicheng District, another intersection with four sign gates is called Xisi or the "Western Four".

The sign gates at Dongsi and Xisi were removed in 1958 but the location names remain. Today, the Dongsi Station on Line 5 of the Beijing Subway is located underneath the intersection. Beijing Bus 106, 110, 116, 204, 684 and 685 stop south of the intersection. Bus 101, 109, 112, 202, 420, 609 and 619 stop east of the intersection. Dongsi is known for the Longfusi Snack Street where traditional restaurants such as Baikuilaohao serve Beijing snack cuisine. The Dongsi Mosque, founded in 1356 and rebuilt in 1447, is located just south of the intersection.

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