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Power Reverse Dual Currency Note
... A dual currency note (DC) pays coupons in the investor's domestic currency with the notional in the issuer’s domestic currency ... A reverse dual currency note (RDC) is a note which pays a foreign interest rate in the investor's domestic currency ... A power reverse dual currency note (PRDC Note) or power reverse dual currency bond (PRDC Bond) is an exotic financial structured product where an investor is seeking a better return and a ...
Fixed Exchange-rate System - Hybrid Exchange Rate Systems - Currency Boards
... A currency board (also known as 'linked exchange rate system")effectively replaces the central bank through a legislation to fix the currency to that of another country ... The domestic currency remains perpetually exchangeable for the reserve currency at the fixed exchange rate ... As the anchor currency is now the basis for movements of the domestic currency, the interest rates and inflation in the domestic economy would be greatly influenced by those of the ...
Economy Of Serbia - Domestic Currency
... The official currency in Serbia is the Serbian dinar - RSD (1 dinar is lowest unit), RSD = 0.0095 Euro = 0.0121 USD (08/31/2010 Interbank exchange ...
Ricardo Hausmann - Original Sin
... (or government) of a country are unable to borrow in their own domestic currency ... in most of the developing economies and independent from histories of high inflation and currency depreciation ... This is seen as problematic because if the borrowing country's domestic currency depreciates, the loan will become more difficult to pay back, since their currency is now worth less relative to the ...
Currency Intervention - Types - Sterilization - Nonsterilized Intervention
... the exchange rate through purchasing or selling foreign money or bonds with domestic currency ... For example, aim at decreasing the exchange rate/price of the domestic currency, authorities could purchase foreign currency bonds ... During this transaction, extra supply of domestic currency will drag down domestic currency price, and extra demand of foreign currency will push up ...

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    Common experience is the gold reserve which confers an exchange value on the currency which words are; without this reserve of shared experiences, all our pronouncements are cheques drawn on insufficient funds.
    René Daumal (1908–1944)

    Many women are reluctant to allow men to enter their domain. They don’t want men to acquire skills in what has traditionally been their area of competence and one of their main sources of self-esteem. So while they complain about the male’s unwillingness to share in domestic duties, they continually push the male out when he moves too confidently into what has previously been their exclusive world.
    Bettina Arndt (20th century)