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Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
24 January–28 February Rebecca Tate Janneke Arent Rebecca is a former member of The Believers, a local Cult led by Mumma Rose (Linden Wilkinson). Robbie Hunter (Jason Smith) tracks her down when his wife Tasha (Isabel Lucas) falls in with the cult. Rebecca tells him that Mumma Rose attempted to make her "The Chosen One" by getting her son Jonah Abraham (James Mitchell) to impregnate her. She tries to warn Tasha but is kidnapped by the Believers and has her absence covered by a fake note. Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon) discovers Rebecca imprisoned under a hatch at the Cult's camp site but is captured herself. Rebecca is later removed and allegedly drugged. However it is later revealed she is faking compliance in order to rescue Tasha. She helps Tasha and Jonah escape and phones the police but is not heard from again.
15 February–22 March Brian Helpman John Noble Brian is a senior doctor at Northern Districts Hospital. He touches Rachel Armstrong's (Amy Mathews) arm in an appropriate manner, which is witnessed by Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth). Rachel dismisses this but as the closer she and Brian begin working together, the more his harrassment escalates. He nominates Rachel for a medal and begins showering her with gifts of flowers and books. Rachel rejects Brian and he verbally chatises her accusing her of being unprofessional. Brian then blackmails Rachel about her relationship with Kim while he was her patient and agrees not to disclose the information if she sleeps with him, which she refuses to do so. Brian is then reported to Geoff Olivetti (Barry Quin) the CEO of the hospital.
22 February-2 March Judge Gilroy Elizabeth Gentle Gilroy is the Judge who presides over Alf Stewart's (Ray Meagher)'s trial for fraud. When jury find Alf guilty, she sentences him to nine months imprisonment.
2 March–13 April 2012 James Gibson Richard Sydenham Gibson is a police prosecutor at the local crown court. He first appears at Alf Stewart's trial in 2006 and later advises Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) to settle out of court. He is later present at Casey Braxton's (Lincoln Younes) arson trial and Sasha Bezmel's (Deni Harman) trial for the murder of Stu Henderson (Brenton Thwaites).
2 March–5 July 2009 Geoff Olivetti Barry Quin Geoff is the CEO of Northern Districts Hospital. He informs Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews) that she has been nominated for an award. When Rachel tells him that Brian Helpman has been blackmailing her over her relationship with Kim Hyde, Geoff tells her that he will have to suspend her pending an investigation. He later chastises nurse James Dalton (Gyton Grantley) for turning up to work high on marijuana and treats Kit Hunter (Amy Mizzi) during her pregnancy. He is also present when Rex Avent (Sandy Winton) brings a malpractice suit against Rachel, which is later dropped.
21–26 April Robert Armstrong John Gregg Robert is Rachel and Brad Armstrong's (Chris Sadrinna) (Amy Matthews) estranged father. Rachel contacts him for advice after her superior Dr. Helpman (John Noble) begins harrasing her. Robert tells her to ignore Helpman. He arrives to take the positional of Regional Director of Emergency at Northern Districts hospital and recommends Rachel for the position of Junior Registrar. Rachel introduces Robert to her boyfriend Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) and they have dinner together. It emerges that Robert was responsible for a car accident involving him and Rachel's mother Elaine (Julie Hudspeth), leaving Elaine with acute amnesia. Robert reveals his ulterior motive; he needs Rahcel's testimony to avoid a lawsuit following botched surgery. Rachel refuses but Robert states if she does not comply, He will be struck off and unable to afford the 24 hour care Elaine is receiving at the home. Robert is then banished from Rachel's life after she refuses to testify for him. It is later revealed Robert had an affair with Heather McCabe (Olivia Pigeot), resulting in a daughter, Tamsyn (Gabrielle Scollay)
21 April–5 November 2007 Ray Moran Damien Garvey Ray is Ric Dalby's (Mark Furze)'s boss at his garage, Moran Motors in Yabbie Creek. He tells Ric off over a scratch on a car he had been working on, the real culprit is Ray's nephew Dom (Sam North). When Ric tells Ray about Dom's irresponsible and dangerous behaviour around the garage, He refuses to do anything unless there is any proof. Ric is later crushed by a car when Dom gives him a faulty jack. Ray then fires Dom and apologises to Ric and offers to keep him on. Ray later hires Drew Curtis (Bobby Morley) as an apprentice but warns him to keep his car away from the premises as Dom, who is now working at the wreckers yard has supplied Drew with stolen parts. Drew informs the police and is fired. Ray then tells Dom to burn out the car. The following year, Ray lays Ric off as part of a scheme concocted by Noel Anderson (Steven Vidler) to force Ric into illegal bare-knuckle fighting.
25 April–20 June Elaine Armstrong Julie Hudspeth Elaine Rachel and Brad Armstrong's (Chris Sadrinna), mother. She suffers from acute amensia from a car accident suffered four years earlier, caused by her husband Robert (John Gregg). Rachel and Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) visit her at the nursing home. They take Elaine out for a picinic along with Robbie (Jason Smith) and Tasha Hunter (Isabel Lucas) but she wanders off. She is eventually found talking to Doris McKinnon (Julie Herbert) at her home. Elaine is returned to the home shortly after. She returns to attend the wedding of Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien) and Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon) but is injured in a gas explosion and dies shortly after.
5 May–1 June Doris McKinnon Julie Herbert Doris is first seen talking to Elaine Armstrong (Julie Hudspeth) when she wanders onto her property. Elaine's daughter, Rachel (Amy Mathews) gives Doris a check-up as she has been unwell for a while. When Rachel recommends she be hospitalised, Doris' grandson, Charlie (Matt Levett) is reluctant as his grandfather died in hospital but agrees. It emerges Doris has been taking her late husband's expired medication. Rachel gives her some morphine and Doris recovers but Charlie, enjoying freedom from caring for her, tops up her medication when Rachel leaves a discarded vial unattended. Doris then goes into cardiac arrest and dies as a result
5 May–6 June Charlie McKinnon Matt Levett Charlie first appears when Rachel Armstrong (Amy Matthews) finds her mother Elaine (Julie Hudspeth) talking to his grandmother, Doris McKinnon (Julie Herbert). Charlie is reclusive and hostile at first but warms to Rachel after she treats Doris. Rachel suggests Doris be hospitalised and Charlie is reluctant as his grandfather died in a hospital but complies. He then turns to Rachel and her boyfriend Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) for company and becomes attached to them them. Charlie helps them for Dan Baker (Tim Campbell), who has gone missing following a head injury but when they find Dan, he becomes aggressive and knocks Charlie to the ground, cracking a rib. Rachel is able to save Charlie's life and he is grateful. Charlie begins spending more time with Kim and Rachel and supports Kim when the press pester him about his father Barry Hyde's (Ivar Kants) impending murder trial. His behaviour becomes obsessive to the point of dressing like Kim and turning up at his home unexpectedly. When Doris is ready to be discharged, Charlie is reluctant and tops up her morphine, which results in her dying of cardiac arrest. He then kidnaps Rachel and holds her hostage in the Surf Club gym with the intent to kill her. Kim then confronts Charlie and knocks him to floor and rescues Rachel. After a police interview, Charlie is sectioned at the Reefton Lakes psychiatric ward.
11 May–28 November Lee Morton Natasha Lee Lee is a girl who Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) meets during his rebellious phase. Lucas' friends and family take a dislike to Lee, especially Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) who find Lee in Lucas' bed. Lee reveals to Lucas she is pregnant and the father of her unborn baby is their Science teacher, Steve Braeburn (Sam Lyndon) and swears him to secrecy. The truth comes out and Steve tries to force Lee to have an abortion but is foiled and jailed. Lee leaves but returns several months later, near her due date and tells Lucas her parents did not react well to the news of the pregnancy. She goes into labor and gives birth to a son, Joe. Lee contemplates giving Joe up for adoption in order to keep her relationship with Dane Smith (Cody Kaye) and leaves him in Rachel Armstrong's (Amy Mathews) care. Lee returns several weeks later wanting Joe back after Dane dumps her. Rachel is reluctant to hand Joe over at first but decides to and Lee and Joe leave the bay.
23 May–20 June Tracey Thompson Sarah Enright Tracey is a police detective who assists Peter Baker (Nicholas Bishop) in the case of the second Summer Bay stalker; Eve Jacobsen aka Zoe Callister (Emily Perry). They tend to a bomb threat at Peter's apartment complex and tell the residents to clear before the bomb explodes but it is only alarm clock. Tracy oftens tells a visibly shaken Peter to keep calm during the investigation. More clues turn up and Tracey suggests to the residence of Summer Bay House to keep the information to themselves. Peter and Tracey eventually collar Eve and arrest her however, she appears at Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien) and Martha MacKenzie's (Jodi Gordon) wedding the following week with Tracey, who is revealed to be working wih her. A gas explosion occurs as when cake with sparklers is brought into the tent and both Tracey and Eve are instantly killed in the blast.
5 June–23 March 2007 Kitty Landsdowne Geraldine Turner Kitty is Amanda Vale's (Holly Brisley mother. She arrives in Summer Bay and tells Amanda she is suffering from cancer. Kitty meets Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey), who is searching for her birth mother and tells her that she is grandmother and her birth mother has died. It emerges that Belle is Amanda's daughter she gave up for adoption as a teenager and Kitty told Amanda that Belle was stillborn when in fact she had sold her. Amanda then banishes her mother from her life. Kitty returns ahead of Amanda's wedding to Peter Baker (Nicholas Bishop) seemingly to reconcile with her but is in need of money after her manager has conned her. Kitty's other daughter, Kelli (Alexa Ashton) conspires to ruin Amanda's life and Kitty confronts her. Kelli offers Kitty $80,000 on the condition she keeps the secret and leaves the bay. Kitty refuses at first but when Kelli witholds her heart medication, she complies and leaves a letter for Amanda.
6 June–11 September Evan Rice Matthew Starling Evan is a police constable at Yabbie Creek police station. He first appears during the investigation into the second Summer Bay Stalker. He tries to arrest Drew Curtis (Bobby Morley) for an arson attack at Summer Bay High but Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) owns up. Evan later arrests Robbie Hunter (Jason Smith) for turning off Graham Walters' (Doug Scroope) life support machine and issues Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews) with a restraining order from Tara O'Neill. It is later revealed that Evan has been blackmailed into framing Drew by Dennis Gillan (Danny Adcock). He is then charged with arson and accepting bribes.
15 June David Taylor Mark Pegler David is Belle Taylor's (Jessica Tovey) adoptive father. He demands money from Belle's biological grandmother Kitty Landsdowne (Geraldine Turner) and threatens to tell Belle that Kitty's daughter Amanda Vale (Holly Brisley) is her real mother. Kitty reluctantly pays David off and he tries to give Belle some of the money but she rejects it, telling him to go to hell.
23 June–17 July Colin Page Shane Withington Colin is the helicopter pilot who is scheduled to take Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth), Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon), Kit (Amy Mizzi) and Robbie Hunter (Jason Smith) and Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) to a burns unit in the city. The helicopter crashes due to bad weather and the party are left stranded in the bush. Colin serves as a mediator among the group despite frequently arguing with Kim and comforts Belle. The group are eventually found and airlifted to hospital.
13–19 July Steve Braeburn Sam Lyndon Steve is a science teacher at Summer Bay High. He begins an affair with one of students, Lee Morton (Natasha Lee) and impregnates her. Steve ends the relationship after his wife nearly finds out the truth and orders Lee to have an abortion while he takes a holiday with his wife and children. When Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) finds out the truth about Steve and Lee, Steve threatens to make his and Lee's lives difficult. The truth is soon revealed and an enraged Steve tries to kidnap Lee but is foiled by Lucas' father, Tony (Jon Sivewright) who restrains him and Steve is arrested as a result.
3 August–1 May 2008 Betty Allsop May Turner Betty is an acquaintence of Colleen Smart (Lyn Collingwood). She attends Kim Hyde's (Chris Hemsworth) aerobics classes and later Kim's wedding to Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews). Colleen tries to set Betty up with Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) but he is not interested. Betty faces Colleen in a bowls tournament but loses, However, it is revealed that Drew Curtis (Bobby Morley) and Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) have cheated to help Colleen win.
3 August–5 September Tara O'Neill Cashellle Dunn Tara is a customer of the surf club gym. She forms an infatuation with her instructor Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) and is upset when she finds out he is engaged to Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews). She then makes an allegation of sexual assault against Kim and even goes on the radio about it. Lara receives a medical test to prove what happened and the results do not reveal any evidence of Kim's DNA. Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) confronts her about it and begins screaming and accuses him of attacking her. Tara's father, Gordon, a police officer refuses to believe his daughter would lie. Tara later admits she made up the allegations because she wanted attention from Gordon who had become a police officer and spent many hours working away from home.
3–28 August Mel Harris Sara Zwangobani Mel is a counsellor at a camp for troubled teens where Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) attends in order to receive help for bulimia. Mel helps Matilda settle into the camp and introduces her to some of the other teens. She is later attacked by Vanessa (Emma Terracini), one of the girls at the retreat. Matilda later confides in Mel about some insecurites she had in childhood and Mel later tells her she has made enough progress to leave the retreat.
3 August–27 September Dean Silverman Gary Brun Dean meets Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) at a retreat for trouble teens. They grow closer after a member of their group tries to commit suicide. Dean returns to Summer Bay with Matilda but her ex-boyfriend Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) takes an instant dislike to him. Dean and Matilda later get together which upsets Lucas even more. Dean finds himself accused of an arson attack, having previous form but is later cleared. Lucas discovers Dean arguing and in an embrace with another boy, Gareth Westwood (Benjamin Ronczka) and confronts him about it. Dean denies it but later admits it to Matilda who tells him to patch things up with Gareth and he does. Before leaving, Dean arranges a romantic picnic for Lucas and Matilda as a farewell gift.
3–10 August Vanessa Covacs Emma Terracini Vanessa attends the same retreat as Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) and Dean Silverman. She has many anger issues and attacks camp counsellor Mel Harris (Sara Zwangobani). It is revealed that Vanessa was sent to the retreat as she physically hurts her younger sister. One evening, Vanessa tries to commit suicide and is rushed to hospital. She is then transferred to a retreat better equipped to deal with her problems
18–23 August Hal Enpace Leigh Scully Hal meets Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) when he begins rebelling. He steals sandwhich from Noah's bar and encourages Lucas to steal Beth Hunter's (Clarissa House) keys to the bar and they have have an after party and trash the place in the process. Beth discovers the damaged and orders Hal to pay it off. Several days later Hal and his friend, Lawrence goad Lucas into graffiti tagging the lighthouse but they decide to vandalise Barry Hyde's (Ivar Kants) flat instead.
Lawrence Uncredited Lawrence is a friend of Hal Enpace (Leigh Scully).
21 August–15 September Emily Armstrong Libby Richmond Emily is Brad Armstrong's (Chris Sadrinna) fiancee. She arrives in Summer Bay. It is quickly learned that Emily is dying of Leuakaemia. She and Brad marry quickly in a beach ceremony with Brad's family and friends. Her condition worsens over the next few weeks. and she spends her final hours with Brad at the headland before she dies peacefully in her sleep.
21 August–5 September Gordon O'Neill Andrew Tighe Gordon is the local police superintendent at Yabbie Creek Police station. He is enraged when his daughter Tara (Cashelle Dunn) tells him that Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) sexually assualted her. Despite Kim being cleared, He still wants him charged. When Gordon supports Tara in her campaign against Kim, Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) warns them they could be in trouble if the claims are proven false. When Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews) tries to get Tara to drop the complaint, Gordon issues a restraining order against her. He believes Tara when she tells him Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) also assaulted her. The truth is eventually revealed and Tara apologises for lying and Gordon apologises for neglecting her due to work commitments.
21 August–10 October Ella Hunter Zoe Littler
Indya Bottomsley
Paris Steen
Matina Commes
Toby Wormer
Jack Thompson
Ella is the newborn daughter of Robbie (Jason Smith) and Tasha Hunter (Isabel Lucas). Tasha struggles to bond with Ella at first as she believes she is the product of a rape by Jonah Abraham (James Mitchell), however, Robbie is revealed to be the father after it is discovered Jonah is sterile. Jonah's mother, Mumma Rose (Linden Wilkinson) tries to kidnap Ella, believing she is "The Chosen One". Charity Fernbrook (Charlotte Gregg) kidnaps Ella but Tasha and Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews) are able to foil Mumma Rose's plans. Robbie, Tasha and Ella then move to Boston.
28 August–27 September Gareth Westwood Benjamin Ronczka Gareth visits Dean Silverman (Gary Brun) at a retreat for troubled teens. Dean introduces Gareth to Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) as his brother. It soon emerges that this is a lie after Drew Curtis (Bobby Morley) reveals that Dean does not have a brother. Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield) discovers that Dean and Gareth are a couple. Dean denies at at first but then admits the truth to Matilda. Dean and Gareth patch up their relationship and move to the city together.
4 September Grace Carter Elaine Smith Grace is the ex-wife of Gordon O'Neil (Andrew Tighe) and the mother of their daughter Tara (Cashelle Dunn). When Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) visits Grace, she admits that Tara has lied and played similar games in the past to get Gordon's attention and agrees to give evidence if the case against Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) goes to court.
16 October Dennis Gillen Danny Adcock Dennis is a criminal adversary of Peter Baker (Nicholas Bishop). He is intent on getting revenge on Peter for his wife's murder in prison as Peter was the detective who brought down the Gillen family. Dennis is paroled and comes after Peter with several henchmen. Peter tells his son Drew Curtis (Bobby Morley) to flee and a gunshot is heard. Peter is thought to be killed but he turns up alive and well, meaning Dennis is the one who has died.
17 October–7 February 2007 Ash Nader Ben Guerens Ash is a police colleague and friend of Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien). He meets Jack's estranged wife Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon) at Noah's bar and spends the night with her. Martha is shocked to learn that Jack and Ash know each other. Ash securers a transfer to Yabbie Creek Police Station and begins a relationship with Martha. Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances), Martha's great aunt takes a dislike to Ash and discovers he had previously balked on his responsibilities. He comes to Martha but Morag is still convinced he is hiding something. Morag discovers Ash is married to a woman named Rianna (Lotte St. Clair) and has two children, Declan and Jess. He tries to keep his secret but Rianna and the children arrive in the bay to surprise him, leaving no choice but to confess to Martha. However, Ash tells her he will leave his wife but continues to live his double life. Martha then ends things with Ash and he returns to his family.
30 October–3 October 2008 Joe Morton Declan Ransley
Justin Martin
Olivia Barclay
Sayer Long
Rafferty Grierson
Cooper Brittian
Henry Lucas
Marley Cooke
Joe is Lee Morton's (Natasha Lee) newborn son. His mother quickly abandons him and runs off with her boyfriend Dane Smith (Cody Kaye), so Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews) takes care of him and bonds with him. Lee returns several weeks later, deciding she wants him back and Rachel hands Joe over to her and they leave. The next time Joe is seen, Dane brings him to hospital and Rachel discovers Joe has bruises and suspects Dane has been hitting him. Further test reveal Joe is suffering from bone cancer. Dane takes him to find Lee against Rachel's advice and they leave. Joe's condition worsens and he later dies.
31 October–24 October 2008 Dane Smith Cody Kaye Dane is Lee Morton's (Natasha Lee) boyfriend. He leaves Lee to support her baby alone as he is on the run from the police. Dane arrives at the hospital to see Lee but is unhappy when he learns she thinking of keeping the baby and threatens to leave her if she does not put the child up for adoption. Lee leaves baby Joe in Rachel Armstrong's (Amy Mathews) care and flees to Queensland with Dane. He later dumps Lee at a medical centre after she collapses. Dane returns two years later with Joe and mentions that he and Lee have reconciled but she has gone to visit some friends. Joe's bruises are a concern for Rachel and suspects Dane of hitting him, much to his disgust. However, tests reveal Joe is suffering from Bone cancer. Dane takes Joe to find Lee, against Rachel's advice. He returns several weeks later to tell Rachel that Joe has died.
27 November– Reverend Peter Flett A local priest at St. James' Church who marries Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) and Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews). He later officiates the wedding of Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley) and Vittorio Seca (Richard Brancatisano), which does not go ahead. In early 2011, he conducts the funeral of Ross Buckton (David Downer) and marries Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and Harvey Ryan (Marcus Graham) in 2012.
1 December–7 February 2007 Rianna Nader Lotte St. Claire Rianna is Ash Nader's wife (Ben Guerens). She arrives in the Bay with their children, Declan and Jess, to visit him. Rianna meets Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon), but is unaware Ash has been seeing her. Rianna later falls pregnant and Ash returns home to be with her.
Declan Nader Jack Concoran
Jessica Nader Amy Baran

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