Dollar Hegemony

Dollar hegemony is the hypothesized monetary hegemony of the US dollar in the international finance global economy. Henry C.K. Liu popularized the term in the article "Dollar Hegemony has to go" in Asia Times, April 11, 2002. The article was quoted by William Clark, Immanuel Wallerstein of the Fernand Braudel Center, Greg Moses, and James Robertson.

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Dollar Hegemony - Definition
... dollar, a fiat currency, became the primary reserve currency internationally ... Three developments allowed dollar hegemony to emerge over a span of two decades ... Richard Nixon abandoned the Bretton Woods regime in 1971 and suspended the dollar's peg to gold as U.S ...

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    The author’s hegemony must be broken. It is impossible to go too far in fanatical self-denial or fanatical self-renunciation: I am not I, but rather the street, the streetlights, this or that occurrence, nothing more. That’s what I call the style of stone.
    Alfred Döblin (1878–1957)

    Johnny Clay: You like money. You got a great big dollar sign there where most women have a heart. So play it smart. Stay in character and you’ll have money. Plenty of it. George’ll have it and he’ll blow it on you. Probably buy himself a five-cent cigar.
    Sherry Peatty: You don’t know me very well, Johnny. I wouldn’t think of letting George throw his money away on cigars.
    Stanley Kubrick (b. 1928)