• (adj): Characterized by arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.
    Synonyms: dogmatical
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Faith and Dogmatic Facts
... But the definitions of dogmatic facts demand real internal assent though about the nature of the assent and its relation to faith theologians are not unanimous ... Some theologians hold that definitions of dogmatic facts, and especially of dogmatic facts in the wider acceptation of the term, are believed by divine faith ... Other theologians hold that the definitions of dogmatic facts, in the wider and stricter acceptation, are received, not by divine faith, but by ecclesiastical faith, which some call ...
History Of Catholic Dogmatic Theology - Modern Times (1500-1900) - Fifth Epoch: Restoration of Dogmatic Theology (1840-1900)
... A revival of Catholic dogmatic theology was seen from the 1840s, particularly in Germany, with Joseph Görres (d ... In France and Belgium the dogmatic theology of Cardinal Gousset (d. 1900) wrote his dogmatic works while occupying the chair of theology at Woodstock College, Maryland ...
Dogmatic Theology - Origin of The Term
... The term dogmatic theology is thought to have first appeared in 1659 in the title of a book by L ... it was the fame of Petau which gave currency to the new coinage dogmatic theology and though the same or related phrases had been used repeatedly by writers of less influence since Reinhard and ... expression was connected with the new habit of distinguishing dogmatics from Christian ethics or moral theology, though Albert Schweizer denies this of ...
Dogmatic Sarcophagus
... The Dogmatic Sarcophagus, also known as the "Trinity Sarcophagus" is an early Christian sarcophagus of about 320–350, now in the Vatican Museums (Vatican 104) ... is to be understood as Christ or God the Father is less clear – the dogmatic point works either way ...
Dogmatic Fact
... The term dogmatic fact is employed in the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, in a wide sense, to mean any fact connected with a dogma, and on which the application of the dogma to a ... In a stricter sense, the term dogmatic fact is confined to books and spoken discourses ...

More definitions of "dogmatic":

  • (adj): Relating to or involving dogma.
    Example: "Dogmatic writings"

Famous quotes containing the word dogmatic:

    Agnosticism is a perfectly respectable and tenable philosophical position; it is not dogmatic and makes no pronouncements about the ultimate truths of the universe. It remains open to evidence and persuasion; lacking faith, it nevertheless does not deride faith. Atheism, on the other hand, is as unyielding and dogmatic about religious belief as true believers are about heathens. It tries to use reason to demolish a structure that is not built upon reason.
    Sydney J. Harris (1917–1986)

    We want some coat woven of elastic steel, stout as the first, and limber as the second. We want a ship in these billows we inhabit. An angular, dogmatic house would be rent to chips and splinters, in this storm of many elements. No, it must be tight, and fit to the form of man, to live at all; as a shell is the architecture of a house founded on the sea.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    There has been and always will be plenty of arguments about the usefulness and harm of the spreading of the Bible. In my view the Bible will continue to cause harm when used in a dogmatic and fantastic manner; it will do good when used for didactic purposes and with sensitivity.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)