Dog Pounded

Dog Pounded is a Looney Tunes (reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodie) animated cartoon short starring Tweety and Sylvester. Released January 2, 1954, the cartoon is directed by Friz Freleng. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc. The title is a play on the business dog pound.

Dog Pounded also marks the only use of Pepé Le Pew in a Friz Freleng-directed short (and the second time Pepé Le Pew has appeared in a cartoon that was not directed by Chuck Jones—the first being Arthur Davis' Odor of the Day).

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Dog Pounded - Plot
... unaware that the enclosure is the city dog pound ... Wanting to get by the dogs, Sylvester employs the following tricks, all of them ending in failure Holding an umbrella for balance, the cat walks across a guide ... The dogs collectively blow a gust of doggie breath at their foe, causing Sylvester to lose his balance and fall into the waiting horde of dogs ...

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