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Effects vary widely depending on dosage (amount of poppy straw used, alkaloid content of poppies and the quality of extraction), on individual sensitivity and on any opiate tolerance which has built up. In varying degrees, the tea's contents are the base from which all opiates (natural, semi-synthetic & synthetic) are derived. The user can expect a warming sensation of the skin and body during onset. Since many of the opioid receptors are located in the spinal cord (CNS) as well as in the digestive tract, the user describes the ability to feel the intestinal tract with the sensation of lightness, and pleasure. An elevated mood change follows, along with a state of euphoria and well being. Pupils tend to constrict, and the face, neck, and outer extremities flush. Additionally, some users report a sensation of light pressure on the back of the neck. The presence of opioids in the bloodstream will cause the subsequent release of histamine causing the user to become itchy. Benadryl (diphenhydramine HCl), a histamine antagonist may be used to counteract the histamine reaction to opioids, resulting in decreased itchy feeling and increased drug effect duration. One should be very careful with the amount of Benadryl as it can increase the risk of overdose if the pods are especially strong. A non-drowsy anti-histamine can work just as well to combat itching. Effects also include euphoric feelings, happiness, drowsiness, and loss of concentration.
A small amount of dried poppy or poppy tea at night is an effective remedy for restless leg syndrome (RLS), and is superior to quinine, codeine alone, or clonidine for this purpose because of the presence of papaverine, a non-narcotic smooth-muscle relaxant which impacts vascular systems, but withdrawal from the narcotic constituents of the tea, mainly codeine and morphine, will paradoxically cause RLS ("kicking" the habit).

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