Document Camera - Document Cameras in Education - Activities or Uses For The Classroom

Activities or Uses For The Classroom

Document cameras are user-friendly. Many of the uses listed can be utilized and adapted for any grade level:

  • Demonstration. Show students how to do assigned work.
  • Showing math examples, manipulatives in color and three dimensions, and whole group math games.
  • Immediate feedback for displaying student work
  • Freeze-frame the camera for various teaching purposes. Worksheets can be frozen, work out answers on sheet, unfreeze, and show final answers.
  • Close up detailed observation of objects
  • Zoom in on reading text and read whole class-helps when pointing out certain topics words and students can follow along.
  • Use lined paper to project onto white board. Students can write on lines for handwriting examples
  • Music lines on white board demonstrating musical notes—students can come up and place notes on board.*

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