Doctor Thirteen

Dr. Terrence Thirteen, known simply as Doctor Thirteen or Dr. 13, is a fictional character in comic books set in the DC Universe. The character's first published appearance is in Star Spangled Comics #122, (November 1951).

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Traci Thirteen - Other Versions - Flashpoint
... Apparently possessed, Doctor Thirteen dark magically attacks her ... Doctor Thirteen arrives and refuses to let his daughter be killed ... After their struggle, Doctor Thirteen finally accepts his daughter back and apologizes for blaming themselves ...
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... In the Vertigo Comics one-shot Vertigo Visions Doctor 13 - Do AIs Dream of Electric Sheep?, Doctor Terrence Thirteen and his wife Marie go to marriage counseling, as Marie is becoming increasingly ... Doctor Thirteen becomes trapped in a virtual reality and embroiled in a conflict between benign and malicious artificial intelligences with the ability to ... At the conclusion of the comic, Thirteen is seen in a mental institution, having apparently suffered a mental breakdown during the visit to the marriage counselor and ...

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    ...I’m thirteen years old, and I think I’m at the crossroads of my life. I’ve got to make good between now and the time I’m twenty, and I have only seven years to do it in. Besides, I’m the father of my family and I’ve got to earn all the money I can.
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    And still we wear our uniforms, follow
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    Initial ardor, wish to keep it fresh.
    Still we applaud the President’s voice and face.
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)