DNA Lounge - Events


The space functions as a venue for both live music and regular dance nights.

Popular regular events at DNA Lounge include:

  • Bootie, a four-times-a-month all-mashup dance night
  • Blow Up, a monthly electro dance party
  • Death Guild, the longest-running weekly gothic/industrial dance night in the country
  • Meat, an industrial dance night featuring free barbecued meat
  • New Wave City, San Francisco's longest-running new wave and 80s event
  • Hubba Hubba Revue, a monthly burlesque show, featuring classic striptease, vaudeville comedy, variety acts, and live music
  • Trannyshack, a drag and performance art event (occurring every other month)
  • Bohemian Carnival, featuring eclectic dance music and circus performances (occurring once every two or three months)
  • Mortified, an event where adults read from their most embarrassing adolescent journals.

DNA Lounge has also hosted several notable tech-industry events, such as CodeCon (a hacker con) and Ignite (a technology conference). The release of Mozilla 1.0 was celebrated there in 2002. Cypress Hill's music video for "Insane in the Brain" was filmed at DNA Lounge in 1993. In the background of some shots can be seen parts of the Keith Haring mural that used to adorn the walls of the upstairs lounge. The title sequence of the SingStar Amped video game was shot at DNA Lounge in 2007.

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