DNA Binding Proteins

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Deoxyribonucleic Acid - Interactions With Proteins - DNA-binding Proteins
... Further information DNA-binding protein Structural proteins that bind DNA are well-understood examples of non-specific DNA-protein interactions ... Within chromosomes, DNA is held in complexes with structural proteins ... These proteins organize the DNA into a compact structure called chromatin ...
Binding - Names
... Surname of Karl Binding (1841–1920), German jurist Binding Brauerei, a brewery in Frankfurt, Germany ...
UI Data Binding
... UI data binding is a software design pattern to simplify development of GUI applications ... UI data binding binds UI elements to an application domain model ... the Observer pattern as the underlying binding mechanism ...
Southwestern Blot
... technique which involves identifying and characterizing DNA-binding proteins (proteins that bind to DNA) by their ability to bind to specific oligonucleotide probes ... The proteins are separated by gel electrophoresis and are subsequently transferred to nitrocellulose membranes similar to other types of blotting ... blotting is based on the fact that this technique detects DNA-binding proteins, since DNA detection is by Southern blotting and protein detection is by western blotting ...
Late Binding
... Late binding is a computer programming mechanism in which the method being called upon an object is looked up by name at runtime ... This is informally known as duck typing or name binding ... Late binding is often confused with dynamic dispatch, but there are significant differences ...

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