Dkim - Weaknesses - Arbitrary Forwarding

Arbitrary Forwarding

As mentioned above, authentication is not the same as abuse prevention: DKIM doesn't prevent a spammer from composing an ad at a reputable domain so as to obtain a signed copy of the message. Using an l tag in a signature makes doctoring such messages even easier. The signed copy can then be forwarded to millions of recipients, e.g. through a botnet, without control. The email provider who signed the message can block the offending user, but cannot stop the diffusion of already signed messages. The validity of signatures in such messages can be limited by always including an expiration time tag in signatures, or by revoking a public key periodically or upon a notification of an incident. Effectiveness of the scenario can be limited by filtering outgoing mail, ensuring that messages potentially useful to spammers are not being signed, or just not sent.

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