Diz is a village in the Ardabil Province of Iran.

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diz Cathedral
... Cádiz Cathedral (in Spanish Catedral de Cádiz or Catedral de Santa Cruz de Cádiz) is a Roman Catholic church in Cádiz, southern Spain ... the composer Manuel de Falla and the poet and playwright José María Pemán, both born in Cádiz ... Poniente (or West) Tower, one of the towers of Cádiz Cathedral, is open to the public and shows panoramas of the city from on high ...
Servandus And Cermanus
... They were killed at Cádiz ... Tingitana and had them walk barefoot and in chains from Mérida to Cádiz ... Viator failed to find a boat that could take them and they were decapitated on the spot near Cádiz later known as Cerro de los Mártires ...
Adolfo Diz - Life and Times
... Diz was born in Buenos Aires in 1931 ... Diz earned a bachelor in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires ... A pupil of Milton Friedman, Diz was the precursor of the influential "Chicago Boys" in Latin America, where he cultivated relationships with other Chicago School graduates such as Ernesto Fontaine, Roque Fernández ...
Miguel Arias Cañete - Political Appointments
... Representative from the Cádiz district in the Andalusian Parliament ... (1982-1986) Senator from Cádiz in the Spanish Senate ... (1995-2000) Senator from Cádiz in the Spanish Senate ...

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    I’ve come close to matching the feeling of that night in 1944 in music, when I first heard Diz and Bird, but I’ve never got there.... I’m always looking for it, listening and feeling for it, though, trying to always feel it in and through the music I play every day.
    Miles Davis (1926–1991)