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Musically, "Disturbia" is an uptempo dance-pop and electropop song with a "sizzling" beat. The song is reminiscent of Rihanna's previous single "Don't Stop the Music" (2007). The rock-tinged song opens with a horror movie-like scream, followed by the hook "Bum-bum-be-dum-bum-bum-be-dum-bum" which has been likened to the "Ella-ella-ella-ey-ey-ey" hook from "Umbrella" (2007). It then transitions into a spoken part, where Rihanna says What's wrong with me?/Why do I feel like this?/I'm going crazy now!, before the first verse begins. Bill Lamb from About.com felt that the lyrics ring a bit of urban creepiness in a similar way that her 2006 single "Unfaithful" did. However, other critics interpreted it as Rihanna singing about being frightened but felt that lyrically, it made no sense.

Fraser McAplpine from BBC Music has claimed that the song's chorus can be likened to Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" (1999). According to digital music sheet published at Musicnotes.com by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, "Disturbia" is composed in a key of B minor and is set in common time with a moderate techno-pop groove. Rihanna's vocal range spans from the lower note of F3 to the high note of D5 and the track follows a chord progression of Bm-D-A-G in the verses and chorus. The song features various vocal effects, namely the use of Auto-Tune and a vocoder in contrast with the detached electronic bounce of the song and its weaving, winding melody.

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