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1998 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Season Summary
... The storm dissipated shortly after ... that month, a short-lived storm developed over the Arabian Sea and dissipated the next day without impacting land ... The cyclone rapidly dissipated on the same day ...
2011 Pacific Hurricane Season - Storms - Hurricane Beatriz
... After moving along the coast, it weakened to a tropical storm and dissipated the next day ... But on June 23, convection dissipated, and Beatriz's remnants slowly began to accelerate to the west, as the remnant low dissipated rapidly ... Late on June 24, the remnants of Hurricane Beatriz dissipated completely, to the southwest of the Baja California Peninsula ...
1987 Pacific Hurricane Season - Storms - Tropical Depressions
... It dissipated on 1200 UTC June 12 ... On June 20, it dissipated ... depression had same peak intensity as Three and had dissipated on July 17 ...
Dissipated Eight - Discography
... The Dissipated Eight has released nine albums on LP Records ... The Dissipated Eight of Middlebury (1955) Serenades (1958) Cruising Along With The Dissipated Eight (1961) Selections By The Eight (1967) Miss Otis (1971) The White Album (1 ...
2010 Pacific Typhoon Season - Season Summary
... During the next 2 days the depression moved quickly and made landfall on Vietnam and dissipated over Cambodia during January 20 ... After 01W had dissipated the Western Pacific became dormant until Tropical Storm Omais formed about 325 km (202 mi) to the southeast of Chuuk Island on March 22 ... However, Omais (Agaton) dissipated on March 26 before it could affect the Philippines ...

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    Of how he loved high laughter and the lonely
    Heart, and cursed a dissipated rime
    Of weariness in a golden morning, only
    To rouse a cold Helen where the dawn distils
    Her bewildered beauty on feet-forgotten hills.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)