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Brian G. W. Manning - List of Asteroids Discovered By Manning
4751 Alicemanning discovered January 17, 4506 ... Hendrie discovered March 24, 7239 ... Mobberley discovered October 4, 7465 ... Munkanber discovered October 31 ...
List Of Notable Asteroids - Minor Planets That Were Misnamed and Renamed
330 Adalberta An object discovered March 18, 1892 by Max Wolf with provisional designation "1892 X" was named 330 Adalberta, but was lost and never recovered ... The name and number 330 Adalberta was then reused for another asteroid discovered by Max Wolf on February 2, 1910, which had the provisional designation A910. 525 Adelaide The object A904 EB discovered March 14, 1904 by Max Wolf was named 525 Adelaide and was subsequently lost ...

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